The Power of Observation

I think I was in the hall way somewhere between the “Dodos, Trilobites, and Meteroites” and the “Hall of Arthropods: Creatures that Rule” in the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge when I saw it. Read more »

What Did They Mean?

As we were driving along I listened to my children start a scrap. My daughter made a provocative statement that pricked my son’s adolescent sensitivities. He rumbled, in an increasingly threatening tone, “What do you MEAN?” Kati’s tail feathers immediately went up — FWIP! — and the next step was clear. I could see a … Read more »

Drift of Blab

Last night, about late:30, I asked my daughter the movie enthusiast a question about a movie she’d just seen.  Well, she was VERY excited to tell me about it.  The plot was a little complicated and the storyline emotionally upheaving. Read more »


If the right fish ain’t  bitin’ the  bait you’re flickin’, change the bait ‘till the right biters bite. Read more »