It Should Be All About Them

In which we are reminded to focus on business issues rather than “products at a price” if we want to develop value-based relationships with our clients and prospects.   Unexpected voice mail from an employee we know at one of the banks we use:   “Hi, Nick, this is Susan Smith, I just wanted to … Read more »

111708 Going In With A Script

In which we learn to be brilliant and be brief when we’re pitching an idea. What could we learn from the challenges of pitching movie script ideas to production companies?   Read more »

111008 Lessons From Super-Learners

In which we’re reminded that our value comes from our ability to learn, synthesize, and put ideas together.   Our visit to our son’s college for Freshman Parents Weekend included reading an article, Secrets of the Super-Learners, from which: Read more »

110308 Just One Thing

In which we are reminded that focus helps us build our success faster. When I took my first full-time sales position as an independent “manufacturer’s rep” representing more than 20 different products, one of the most experienced, successful reps told me,   “Pick one product and get really good at that. Focus all of your … Read more »