122208 What Do You Like About…

In which we learn to ask a specific question to ensure the solutions we propose don’t draw out an immediate objection. In the midst of a spectacularly beautiful snow storm, I joined a Christmas party that included immediate neighbors. As I glided past a small gaggle of them to grab a grape, I overheard the … Read more »

121508 What Do You Do?

In which we are reminded: Focus on results or impact when we introduce ourselves to prospects. A long time ago, in a part of my life I can barely remember, I attended a party in Los Angeles. After a bit, I collided with a woman of about my own age and stature. “Hi,” I explained. … Read more »

120808 Not Just One Thing

In which we are reminded, “Don’t rule any prospect or group of prospects out” on the basis of a sweeping generalization. During a recent conversation with a woman friend, she said, with a combination of distress, disgust, and disdain, “Ah, what does it matter? Men are all the same.” Read more »

Save Room for Dessert (The Annual Thanksgiving Column)

In which we’re reminded to plan our sales capacity, saving room for the prospects and customers that will REALLY make a difference in our annual results. Last Thursday, my family and I, complete with children and grand mothers, celebrated Thanksgiving. I married into a family that believes Thanksgiving dinner was successful only if the dining … Read more »