It’s All About Them

In which we are reminded, when prospecting, on whom to focus. My daughter the high school junior receives ten to twelve letters a week from colleges seeking her attention and our money. The colleges are the sellers. My daughter is their prospect.  Read more »

Figuring It Out … Up Front

In which we discuss the preparation needed before calling a prospect. I’m holding a document whose title screams “Get Rich Quick in Real Estate… NOW!” A more careful reading yields a more subdued, “no-money down strategies for today’s down market” and provides a critical lesson for us when we’re prospecting. Read more »

We Just Assumed

In which we discuss the dangers of “just assuming” we know what our clients prefer. My son’s recovery from wisdom teeth removal included a “dry socket” which, for the uninitiated, translates as dull, throbbing pain at an extraction site accompanied by more than the usual swelling two to three days after the extraction.  Read more »

Ask First. Then Tell.

In which we remind ourselves that clients don’t always want our advice. A friend called a couple of weeks ago to check in. We hadn’t spoken for a while, so he asked, “What’s new with  Clarity?” I responded — business has been good, we have two new articles out, and we’ve just launched our refreshed … Read more »