Knightly Tales (Issue 411)

In which we are encouraged to hear our clients stories as guidance toward the solutions they need and want. I could not stop myself. I had to tell my company’s story. Last Wednesday, I sat with Clarity’s Practice Manager, Maureen, at our conference table in the company of the very wonderful Susan, an expert in … Read more »


In which we are reminded, focus first on people and relationships before moving to task and business. “Don’t talk business until the spoon hits the ice cream.” This single, crisp sentence stands out from a six hour  seminar through which Somers White led me and other consultants … 25 years ago. Why, that’s … an … Read more »

More Directly to the Point

In which we are urged to get right to the point in written correspondence. A letter received this week. From an investment company.  Playing the “fear” card boldly. Read more »

Their Story

In which we learn the value of “putting people in their story” when selling. She was crisp, smart, blonde, and she left with a check. A  V E R Y  big check.  After she left, my wife looked at me and said, “I wasn’t planning to buy this morning, were you?” Read more »

Three Minutes

In which we’re reminded to give a BRIEF introduction to ourselves and our companies when starting a conversation. You would never do this. It was probably my fault. Maybe I just set him up the wrong way. Read more »