Globe Corner (Issue 441)

In which we are reminded to continue developing our personal expertise, investing in ourselves. “I wonder how this book store is different from the Harvard Coop and the other bookstores within two blocks of here?” Read more »

Decisions They Have To Make Anyway (Issue 440)

In which we discuss questions that can help us facilitate when clients “go away.” About two weeks ago, I called a financial advisory services company to ask for help addressing a challenge that our company faces. Read more »

Translating for Trust (Issue 439)

In which we consider the importance of emotion as well as facts when confirming what we’ve heard. “We are honored and delighted that you are here with us this evening, sharing this meal, living with your host families for a week. We have enjoyed sharing with you…” Read more »

Decisions, Decisions (Issue 438)

“So, I had to make the decision,” she said. “The tests said that I was in the middle zone for risk, which meant that the treatment options weren’t precisely defined. Doctors are pretty clear about preferred treatment plans if you’re in the low risk zone or the high risk zone, and it’s confusing in the … Read more »