How Much Is That Doggie? (Issue 471)

In which we are reminded to answer questions with questions and to delay quoting a price until we know what we’re being asked to quote. Read more »

I’d At Least Be Curious (Issue 470)

In which we discuss (at some length) the importance of resonating with your prospects pain points when you’re approaching to begin conversation. Read more »

Whack A Mole Sales (Issue 469)

In which we consider the possibility that we may need to sell transactionally to start consultative relationships. Within the last few weeks, several of our clients have said, almost literally, “I’m too busy to manage.” As in, “I’m too busy to manage my business,” or “I’m too busy to coach my sales people,” or “I’m … Read more »

Moving Target (Issue 468)

In which we are reminded to clear time-wasters from our client lists and project lists in order to create capacity to grow. Read more »

Distracted (Issue 467)

In which we’re reminded of the value of periodically reviewing our clients and accounts so that we’re not surprised by changes.. Read more »