New Year’s Plans (Issue 653)

In which we are reminded that January is a good time to step back for a more strategic look at our clients and prospects and, perhaps, to help them articulate their plans more clearly so we can help them more powerfully. Read more »

Visions of Sugar Plums (Issue 652)

In which one of the biggest sales, ever, reminds us that enrolling prospects and clients in “ visions of the future” helps us seal our deals. Read more »

Hands On (Issue 651)

In which we are reminded that engaging clients “hands on” in our presentations boosts the odds of a sale. Read more »

Too Quick to Answer (Issue 650)

In which we are reminded not to answer questions before we fully understand their intent. Read more »

Save Room for Dessert (Issue 649)

In which we are reminded, again, to maintain capacity for the accounts and clients that are most important. Read more »