Nick Miller to Lead Panel at April, 2019 CBA Conference

March 4, 2019 With Lynetta Steed, Senior Vice President, Fifth Third Bank, and Edmundo Hoffens, Executive Vice President and Chief Talent Officer, Iberia Bank, Nick Miller, Clarity's President, will lead a Small Business Concurrent Track session on talent retention and accelerating talent development.

Banking has not been a “hot industry of choice” for a variety of reasons and many banks are running out of trained bankers. Meanwhile, pressure for higher productivity, faster, and lower costs are significant. All new hires carry an ROI on their heads. Expectations for “performance on quota” after six months in position can lead to significant attrition and an endless loop of new recruiting.

This session will address: How do we balance the cost of investment in training and coaching with the turnover rate we are experiencing? How can we develop business bankers and other sales colleagues faster and retain more of them? In this session, participants will learn: (1) Best practices techniques from firms outside the financial services industry, (2) example learning acceleration and retention strategies from CBA member banks, and (3) strategies for building the talent pipeline, developing team members, and retaining team members.

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