Clarity to Sponsor and Speak at Bank Trainers Conference.

April 1, 2019 Clarity is proud to support the 2019 Bank Trainers Conference, May 6 – 9 in Atlanta. Clarity President, Nick Miller, and Senior Consultant, Barbara Moore, will lead a one-hour session entitled, “Seriously: Training Is The Last Thing You Should Do” on Wednesday morning. May 8.

Session Description:


The pressure is on – your bank needs more deposits…or loans… or fees… or cross sells…. or clients.  Your executive team, confident in your training capabilities, turns to you saying, “We need product training …or…sales training…and coaching training for the coaches… and leadership training… and credit training….and outbound calling training… and training for our Universal Associates…..”   So much training, so little time and so… we train. 

If we’ve designed our training well, the Kirkpatrick Level 1 and 2  scores are through the roof. At the end of the training, trainers and participants are toasting and high-fiving or chit-chattering on social media. Smiles all around.  But what happens, months later, when a malcontent executive or the Board of Directors asks, “How much of this training are our colleagues using? What results did we get from this investment?  How did our revenue, profitability,  or stock price change?” The room grows quiet, because training was the last thing we needed to do. 

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