Call Preparation: 3 Musts for Sales People

Preparation—it’s the key to a successful sales call (especially the first call on a prospect), yet so many sales people focus on the wrong types of prep work, or don’t prepare at all.


Proper preparation gives sales people the perspective needed to establish credibility and earn the opportunity for additional conversation.


How to prep?  Do some online research.  It can go a long way in enlightening a sales person on how the business he/she is calling on works.

Spend 30 – 60 minutes finding out about:

  • The business concept—What’s the basic idea of the business?  What products or services are offered?  What value do they create for customers?  What types of customers are attracted to the business?
  • The business drivers—How does the business make money?
  • Current trends—What’s changing in the industry that’s causing money-making challenges or offering better opportunities?

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