Close More Deals at Higher Margins – 3 Quick Tips

A well-designed proposal development process offers two benefits to your bank: (1) higher consistency across proposals and (2) higher probabilities that sales people will identify, quantify, and sell value to your customers.

Standardize your proposal development process and close more deals at higher margins.

Here’s how:

  • Forget product features; customers want to know about the benefits.
  • Focus on the value you offer through your products and your process for working with customers.
  • Communicate your value effectively with:
    • Evidence that your bank clearly understands the customer’s objectives, business needs, problems, and goals.
    • A clear recommendation for a solution that will solve their problems.
    • A clear statement of the economic value that your solution will create for the customer.
    • Evidence that you and your bank are competent to deliver the solution on time and on budget.

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