Weekly Sales Thoughts

Leaning Birch Trees (Issue 1062)

In which we are reminded to understand (before we pitch our solutions) our clients’ goals, competing priorities, and concerns. Read more »

Tell Me About You (Issue 1061)

In which we are reminded to be… you know…. a little more personal. Read more »

A Really Good Question (Issue 1060)

In which we are encouraged to be clear about purpose and value when we meet with clients or prospects. Read more »

The Bake Sale (Issue 1059)

In which we are reminded not to open discussions by offering or hinting at price discount. Read more »

Watering Trees (Issue 1058)

In which we are reminded to nurture valuable mature account relationships while we’re tending to the young ones that will provide future growth. Read more »

Memory Reminders (Issue 1057)

In which we are encouraged to do something or give something to new (or existing) clients that will remind them of us and keep us close long after the first sale, project, or transaction. Read more »

Pruning (Issue 1056)

In which we are reminded to remove low value accounts from our books of business so we can concentrate on the best growth opportunities. Read more »

Shift Speed (Issue 1055)

In which we are reminded to check in on ourselves, from time to time, and shift quickly if we’re off track. Read more »

Lost Cards (Issue 1054)

In which we are reminded that people won’t buy, sell, or make a move until they conclude that they can’t do things on their own with their existing resources. Read more »

The Mooring Field (Issue 1053)

In which we are reminded there is no shame in asking for assistance when we should ask for assistance to avoid damaging property, relationships, or opportunities.  “Do you need help?” A much more seasoned sailor called to us from a launch retrieving folks from another boat in the mooring field. We’d been sailing a 15’ … Read more »