Weekly Sales Thoughts

Desiderata (Issue 1108)

In which we are reminded to maintain healthy balance and strive to be at peace. Read more »

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify (Issue 1107)

In which we are reminded to help clients simplify their purchases of complex products by recommending options based on how they use them and likely outcomes (advantages and benefits) rather than technical wizardry (features).  Read more »

Try Something New? (Issue 1106)

In which we are reminded, when our services require clients to change beliefs or business practices, to start them off small (pilots, etc.) so they become familiar and buy in to the change. Read more »

You Need This (Issue 1105)

In which we are reminded that sometimes, even when danger is present or approaching and we can help, we can’t force clients to buy. We have to prepare ourselves and wait for them. Read more »

Sales Starts (Issue 1104)

In which we are reminded that, when competing with skilled practitioners: If we mis-time the start, whether sail boat race or sales cycle, it’s very hard to make up ground. Read more »

Just More of the Same (Issue 1103)

A friend’s story, in which we are reminded to be fully present when leading or selling. Read more »

Find A Way to Say Yes (Issue 1102)

In which we are reminded to find ways to say “yes” when the “by the book” answer is, ‘no, we don’t do it that way.” Read more »

Lucky Winners (Issue 1101)

In which we are reminded that, with a new client, a little extra generosity framed with careful positioning can go a long way toward generating significant good will. Read more »

Are You From Here? (Issue 1100)

In which we are reminded to clarify the intent behind client and prospect questions. In the Swiss Alps, there’s a cogwheel train that runs from Lauterbrunnen up to Wengen, about 1600 feet higher. Wengen is “car-free” (also, possibly, care-free, we’ll cover that another time). From Lauterbrunnen and all points, the cogwheel train is the only … Read more »

Predisclosure (Issue 1099)

In which we are reminded to ask ourselves, “If a client can’t see all the work that’s coming when they implement what they’re buying, should I help them see it?” Read more »

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