Weekly Sales Thoughts

How Was Your Day? (Issue 432)

In which we’re guided to ask opening questions that penetrate more deeply. When I return to the house after my vigorous “cutlass in teeth” romp at the office, my family members ask about my day. One typically asks, “How was your day?” The other, ” What did you work on today?” Would you answer those … Read more »

Your Signature Brand (Issue 431)

In which we are reminded that we can control and modify our personal brands. At the end of a dinner, I watched my companions sign their credit card slips. Read more »

Better Slow Down (Issue 430)

In which we remind ourselves that sales people are (usually) not competing against the clock during sales conversations. While channel surfing the other night I came to a rodeo tie-down roping contest, a.k.a. calf roping. Very exciting! At a given signal the calf bolts from its pen, dashing straight down the middle of the ring. Read more »

Domination (Issue 429)

In which we propose collaborating as an alternative to overcoming. Teenager standing in kitchen. 9:00 pm. Car keys in hand. Preparing to go out with friends. Parent: “No, it’ll keep you out too late.” Teenager: “No, it won’t. I don’t have to be at work tomorrow until 9:00; I can sleep later in the morning.” Read more »

Can You Introduce Me (Issue 428)

In which we’re encouraged to ask for referrals based on the problems we solve rather than our products. “Can you introduce me to some people?” Read more »

Moving Up (Issue 427)

In which we discuss strategies for obtaining a larger share of the high margin business. “Hey, why can’t I have that? … Why did he get so much more than I did?…. That’s not fair!” Sound familiar? Ever said those words or had those thoughts as a child or as an adult? Read more »

Perfect Beaches (Issue 426, A Summer Rerun)

In which we are encouraged to define target prospects more carefully for referral sources. Our rainy summer in New England this year reminds me of the year I took my children to Cape Cod for a week. Yes, it rained that week, too, and when the sun appeared in strength, we decided to head to … Read more »

Not Aligned (Issue 425)

On the Fourth of July, there is no other city on the planet in which I’d rather be than Boston. Yesterday, sun and warmer temperatures broke a long string of foggy, misty, cool spring days and the city came alive. We met people from Portugal, Russia, and a dozen U.S. states as we participated in … Read more »

So I Talk A Lot (Issue 424)

In which we learn a technique to deal with dreaded silence and wandering conversation. “I can’t hear very well, so I talk a lot.” Read more »

Seeing the Flaws (Issue 423)

In which we’re reminded to dig into details when we ask questions. If you were to ask me, “how’s your house?” I would say, “Great…. a couple of creaks and groans and… just fine” However, if you were buying my house, you’d bring your team of inspectors and you’d find a lot to write down … Read more »