bank sales training


In which we are reminded to interpret our prospects’ and clients’ behavior and intentions through multiple experiences rather than just one. Read more »

The Big Pictures

In which we consider our occasional roles as sales “tour guides” for beginners. Read more »

Early Picasso

In which we are reminded we cannot understand our clients’ as we see them now unless we understand how they got here…and how their journey influenced them. Read more »

How Would I Know? (Issue 922)

In which we are reminded it’s useful to know how our clients usually handle situations AND their buying criteria before making a recommendation. Read more »

Totally Concrete (Issue 921)

In which we are reminded to clarify terms we don’t understand before presenting ideas. Read more »

Layers of Flavors (Issue 920)

In which we are challenged to communicate the experiential aspects of our products to distinguish them and stimulate client desire for them. Read more »

New Article – “How Banks and Credit Unions Can Adapt Their Branches As ‘Advice’ Centers”

Published on The Financial Brand . Co-authored with David Kerstein from Peak Consulting Group, we offer specific steps to focus, train, and support branch team members so that that they are better able to offer perspective and advice on the financial challenges their customers face. Read more »

Are You Ready for Some Football? (Issue 919)

In which we are reminded to ditch the cultural assumptions and  to ask open-ended questions. Read more »

Ceraldi (Backstories) Issue 918

In which we are reminded that, to a great extent, it’s our backstories that make us special. Read more »

Maintaining Momentum (Issue 917)

In which we are encouraged to include some “momentum” questions in our discussions with our clients. Read more »