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Then The Rains Came (Issue 1015)

In which we are reminded about the importance of checking for changes just before client meetings. Read more »

Burnt Sugar (Issue 1014)

In which we are reminded to develop at least one clear differentiator that attracts potential clients to us. Read more »

The Voice of Potential Consequences (Issue 1013)

In which we’re reminded to help our clients see what may happen if they don’t change course. Read more »

Fiber Fortification (Issue 1012)

In which we are reminded, lest we miss the opportunity, to stay close enough to our clients (and friends) that we can anticipate approaching significant decisions in which our experience can be a helpful guide. Read more »

To the Other Side of the House (Issue 1011)

In which we are reminded to, from time to time, look more broadly at our clients’ situations. Read more »

We Are What We’ve Heard (Issue 1010)

In which we are reminded that, to continue developing, we need to listen more widely. Read more »

The Last Steam Engine Train (Issue 1009)

In which we are reminded that, to learn new technique, we must be patient. Read more »

The Walk (Issue 1008)

In which we are reminded that, sometimes, the most direct routes into major accounts are not the best. Read more »

Why Do They Call Them Seals? (Issue 1007)

In which we are reminded to ask “why”…more times. Read more »

Never Go Out Without Treats (Issue 1006)

In which we are reminded to notice, recognize, and reward or compliment our colleagues’ (or children’s) productive performance even when they perform well, routinely. Read more »

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