Barlow Research

Many Steps Over Time

In which we are reminded that it can take time and many baby steps before a client will take the risk of relying on us for professional advice … and it helps if they like us, first. Read more »

Shifting Gears (Issue 1078)

In which we are reminded to visualize or rehearse what we plan to do when we shift from one environment or one client meeting to another. Read more »

The Story That’s Sitting Across From Them (Issue 1077)

In which we are reminded that, as modern as we may be, personal interest and personal connection still matter to some of our clients. Read more »

Butter Creaming (Issue 1076)

In which we are reminded to save our strength, to conserve our resources, to be a bit patient when we see that the prospects or customers we’d like to engage really aren’t ready to talk… it’s too soon. Read more »

Stay Close (Issue 1075)

In which we are reminded that one key to spotting opportunities in prospects or existing clients is to check in with them frequently so we can monitor the progression of ideas to plans and action. Read more »

Christmas Tree Lights (Issue 1074)

In which we are reminded that our professional networks can quickly go dark if we don’t pay attention to them. Read more »

Getting In The Door (Issue 1073)

In which we are reminded that, when looking for ways to “get in the door” to new accounts, it’s very helpful to connect with someone on the inside who can push for us. Read more »

Bananagrams (Issue 1072)

In which an evening of vigorous Bananagrams reminds us that, when pursuing business with a major account, we’ll do better if we spread out wide, building pathways and advocates in many parts of the firm, rather than concentrating all of our efforts on one person or department. Read more »

Save Room for Dessert

In which we are reminded, again, to conserve capacity for the plum accounts that have the biggest impact on our production. Read more »

Fish & Chips (Issue 1071)

In which we are reminded to segment our client bases so that we can better meet their needs and price accordingly. Read more »