Best Practices in Retail Financial Services Symposium

Clients Who Know (Issue 608)

In which we are reminded: We run a risk when we assume that clients correctly understand their problems. Read more »

Something to Talk About (Issue 606)

In which we are encouraged to find and share news or statistics with our clients and prospects that will prompt conversation about the little mysteries that are critical to their businesses. Read more »

Genuine (Issue 604)

In which we discuss the gentle art of the compliment. Read more »

Cave of Wonders (Issue 603)

In which we discuss the opportunities and dangers in calling business prospects before business hours or on weekends and holidays. Read more »

A Little More Zip (Issue 581)

In which we are reminded to bring something new and tantalizing on our sales calls to engage our clients. Read more »

What D’Ya Got (Issue 557)

In which we are reminded to warm up and rehearse our calls before we sit down with clients. Read more »

Just Enough Rope (Issue 544)

In which we are reminded to position and sell only what our clients are able to absorb and implement. Read more »