clarity advantage


In which we are reminded to ask (at least) several questions before deciding on a sales recommendation. Read more »

Leaning Birch Trees (Issue 967)

In which we are reminded (before we pitch our solutions) to understand our clients’ goals, competing priorities, and concerns. Read more »

The Sure Thing (Issue 966)

In which we are reminded to include all significant client stakeholders in our proposal development and sales processes. Read more »

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers (Issue 965)

In which we are reminded that the longer we wait and the less we plan, the lower our influence over sales process outcomes. Read more »

The Value of our Sales Time (Issue 964)

In which we are reminded that not all opportunities are worth the effort to land them. Read more »

I Had It Painted (Issue 963)

In which we are reminded not to accept, fully at face value, the stories our clients tell us.   When I received this story, shared by a good friend, I loved it immediately. Famous band leader Count Basie was upset because the piano on which he played was constantly out of tune. He told the … Read more »

Heirloom Tomatoes (Issue 962)

In which we are reminded about the importance and power of education in differentiation and client engagement. Read more »

Little Pops (Issue 961)

In which we are encouraged to touch our clients and prospects more frequently with tastier morsels. Read more »

My Fitness Pal (Issue 960)

In which we are reminded to identify and track performance on the activities that lead to our goals. Read more »

Learning From Buyers’ Red Lights (Issue 959)

In which we are reminded to learn from buyers’ “red lights” in the sales process. Read more »

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