nick miller

The Last Steam Engine Train (Issue 992)

In which we are reminded that rising up a level often involves breaking things down to bits. Read more »

Clients That Fit (Issue 991)

In which we are reminded to cut ties early to clients for whom we’re not a good fit. Read more »

Erupting Hot Sauce (Issue 990)

In which we are reminded to notice and respond to the subtle signs that a client relationship may be going bad. Read more »

A Brief History of Garlic (Issue 989)

In which we are reminded to give our clients a good experience as well as a great outcome. Read more »

The Bony Fingers of the Past (Issue 988)

In which we are reminded to ask clients about “how you got here” when we discuss their challenges. Read more »

A Simple Game (Issue 987)

In which we are encouraged to raise continuously our performance through study and practice. Read more »

Leave That At The Door (Issue 986)

In which we learn to pay attention to obvious and less obvious loyalties and connections. Read more »

Lone Wolf (Or…I’d Rather Do It Myself) (Issue 985)

In which we are reminded to engage internal business partners early in the sales process so we don’t divert valuable sales time to tasks others should do. Read more »

Practice the Right Stuff Right (Issue 984)

In which we are reminded that, while practice is good, practicing the right stuff correctly is even better. Read more »

Again, Please… Slower (Issue 983)

In which we are reminded to speak slower, breathe, and pause so clients can follow us. Read more »