sales strategies

Rocky Path (Issue 736)

In which we are reminded not to be put off when others describe particular clients or prospects as “difficult”. Read more »

Change from the Periphery (Issue 728)

In which we are urged to meet many people in our primary accounts to understand their ideas and intentions well before they turn into action and an RFP. Read more »

Out the Back End (Issue 679)

In which we are reminded to assess, from time to time, our investments in slow-developing accounts. Read more »

Options (Issue 677)

In which we are reminded that broad perspective and many options accelerate successful negotiating conclusions. Read more »

Prospecting by Example (Issue 672)

In which we are reminded that word of mouth beats calling cold. Read more »

Dragonisms (Issue 658)

In which we are reminded to speak … simply. Read more »

Excess Parts (Issue 648)

In which we are reminded to smoke out, early,  internal competitors for our proposed solutions. Read more »

Any Excuse (Issue 619)

In which we are reminded that it’s our job to create reasons to talk and possibilities for action. Read more »

Pacing (Issue 618)

In which we are encouraged to pick interim targets to guide our pace through each sales period. A spirit lifting, cloudless spring Saturday morning in Cambridge, MA. Notwithstanding the 42 degree start, the morning warmed quickly as I made my way to the Cumnock Field sidelines at Harvard University to watch the students we know … Read more »

Your Story in My Words (Issue 613)

In which we are reminded to help our clients see their stories in our descriptions about our businesses. Read more »

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