small business bank training

Clients Who Know (Issue 608)

In which we are reminded: We run a risk when we assume that clients correctly understand their problems. Read more »

Genuine (Issue 604)

In which we discuss the gentle art of the compliment. Read more »

Wind Blown (Issue 593)

In which we are reminded to focus on differences  rather than routine questions when we write our call plans. Read more »

The Value We Bring to the Table (Issue 590)

In which we are reminded not to fall for the bait of taking an order just because the customer asked for it. Read more »

Make It Specific (Issue 588)

In which we are encouraged to describe ourselves in terms of the specifics of what we do rather than the titles others give us. Read more »

Small Orders (Issue 579)

In which we are reminded to leave a good taste in customers’ mouths, even if they place small orders. Read more »

Take What the Defense is Giving (Issue 574)

In which we are reminded to pursue issues in which our prospects / clients are interested rather than the issues in which WE are interested. Read more »

Under Pressure (Issue 569)

In which we are reminded that our success in sales depends, to a great extent, on practice and repetition. Read more »

The Subway Strategy (Issue 567)

In which we are reminded that the best way to attract prospects is to demonstrate our capabilities to them. Read more »

It Ain’t Me Babe (Issue 564)

In which we are reminded that, when we’re asking people for referrals and introductions, it’s best to say specifically who or what we’re looking for. Read more »

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