small business sales training

Tell Me How You Do It (Give Me Comfort I’ll Get The Promised Result) Issue 958

In which we are reminded that, for high stakes purchases, revealing our methods may be more important than emphasizing our product or service benefits. Read more »

No Sail (Issue 957)

In which we are reminded there’s no point in selling to people who aren’t buying, hoping they will. Read more »

Mrs. Erhardt’s Admonition (Issue 956)

In which we are reminded to help our clients memorize and repeat our offer. Read more »

Have You Had Enough? (Issue 955)

In which we are reminded to confirm clients’ satisfaction with their buying criteria after we deliver (rather than asking a general question). Read more »

Veggie Burgers (Issue 954)

In which we are reminded to reduce glaring weaknesses that detract from our expertise. Read more »

A Value Prop Wake-Up (Issue 953)

In which we are encouraged to reconsider rigorously, clarify, and communicate our value. Read more »

Dance to THEIR Tune (Issue 952)

In which we are reminded to dance with clients’ answers to our questions rather than sticking to our own agendas and tasks. Read more »

Holding Their Hands (Issue 951)

In which we are reminded to ‘be there’ with our clients when they hit the first post-purchase wall. Read more »

Close Shaves (Issue 950)

In which we are reminded to take our time and patiently prepare ourselves. Read more »

What’s a Little? (Issue 949)

In which we are reminded… there’s just certain stuff we need to know without winging it.   Read more »

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