Managing Sales Process

110308 Just One Thing

In which we are reminded that focus helps us build our success faster. When I took my first full-time sales position as an independent “manufacturer’s rep” representing more than 20 different products, one of the most experienced, successful reps told me,   “Pick one product and get really good at that. Focus all of your … Read more »

101308 The $300,000 Sure Thing

In which we’re reminded to check and double check things we hear from clients during a complex sale.   I came to call it the “$300,000 Sure Thing” at a time when $300,000 was a significant sum.   During a project with a large bank, thanks to my client’s relationship with her CEO, I began … Read more »

092908 Overcoming Objectiones

In which we are reminded that “overcoming objections” is not consistent with collaborative, partnership, trustworthy selling. Read more »

080408 Making A Whole Pie

In which we discuss planning call capacity to achieve sales goals. Ever feel out of balance during your sales year? Not quite sure how it’s all going to work out? “It’s like a pie,” Tim-the-barber-shop owner said. “Pieces in a pie." Read more »


“Hey, Rob! Are you receiving my Weekly Sales Thought every week?” One of six moments in my life I’d like to have back. (I’m not telling what the other five are. Don’t ask.) Sounds pretty benign EXCEPT (1) this was my opening question while meeting a prospective client in the hallway of a conference who … Read more »

When The Order Looks Too Small

8:30 pm Saturday night. With brief clatter, wine glass met table as our server, John, who only moments before had greeted us warmly at our table, expressed his irritation with our small dinner order, about half the ticket he might have expected from three adults.  We’d come in from a very full, long day, hungry, … Read more »

Pre-Meeting Jitters

Ever felt anxious  as you were  about to begin a sales conference or expo?  I don’t know anybody here? Our booth is too small? It’s not fancy enough?  Our products  aren’t fully  developed?  Message not completely clear?  Company uniforms not as sharp as the other guys’?  I’m not experienced enough? Read more »

Pulling The Trigger

I first met the woman who is now my wife on the red leather back seat of a white Cadillac Eldorado at Logan Airport in Boston. Blind date. Read more »

The Power of Observation

I think I was in the hall way somewhere between the “Dodos, Trilobites, and Meteroites” and the “Hall of Arthropods: Creatures that Rule” in the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge when I saw it. Read more »

Drift of Blab

Last night, about late:30, I asked my daughter the movie enthusiast a question about a movie she’d just seen.  Well, she was VERY excited to tell me about it.  The plot was a little complicated and the storyline emotionally upheaving. Read more »