Developing the Lead

.…in which we remind ourselves to see for the forest while we’re cataloging the trees. Sunday morning lead sentence in an on-line New York Times article: “COLUMBIA, S.C. – Senator Barack Obama won a commanding victory over Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday, drawing a wide majority of black … Read more »

A Matter of Intent

“I have some concerns about the documents,”  I said as our conversation began. The documents in question were two contracts running, about 80 pages each.  10 point type. Single spaced. Numbing. He treated my point as an objection he could “handle” by minimizing. Read more »


Baltimore, Maryland. 9:30 pm. Friday night. I was shuffling my way down one more jet way to one more airplane. Last leg of my trip home. ‘Though we all felt like cattle in a stock yard chute, the boarding passengers either shuffled silently or mumbled quietly to traveling companions. Not much moo-ing. So, it was … Read more »

Picture Perfect

One of my 55 year old friends invested a month last summer in a photography workshop, one of many steps on her path to mastering portrait photography. Early in the workshop, she asked her instructor: “How will I take pictures that are unique?” Read more »