Stories Our Clients Tell About Us (Issue 776)

In which we are reminded to ask our clients and prospects to comment on their positive experiences of us on LinkedIn. Read more »

Why Do You Ask???? (Issue 775)

In which we are reminded that very few questions come from idle curiosity. We need to know why. Read more »

A Fool’s Plan (Issue 774)

In which we are reminded…again… that sustaining training is critical to long term capabilities and performance. Read more »

At CBALive!, Clarity President Shares Perspective of Big Data in Sales Productivity

March 10, 2016   At the Consumer Bankers Association  “CBALive!” conference this week, Clarity President Nick Miller shared perspective about the use of  big data in increasing sales force productivity.  Speaking yesterday in a Small Business track panel led by Gail Gandy, Senior Vice President from Wells Fargo Bank,  Miller joined fellow panelists Frank Aloi from … Read more »

Seeing Beyond the Obvious (Issue 773)

In which we are reminded that every client personal detail reveals choices and avenues to insight. “Krokodilo.” Not an every-day word. My best guess: It’s an Esperanto word for “crocodile.” [Esperanto is a constructed language created in the late 19th Century intended to foster harmony between people from different countries and, no, I neither speak … Read more »