Seeing Beyond the Obvious (Issue 773)

In which we are reminded that every client personal detail reveals choices and avenues to insight.

“Krokodilo.” Not an every-day word. My best guess: It’s an Esperanto word for “crocodile.” [Esperanto is a constructed language created in the late 19th Century intended to foster harmony between people from different countries and, no, I neither speak nor read it.]

“Krokodiloes,” plural, is the name taken by Harvard University’s oldest a capella ensemble, founded in 1946, fostering harmony and community, and they were in full voice this past Saturday night, celebrating their 70th anniversary with one of the founders present. Amazing.

The evening’s concert included performances by the 2016 Kroks and by ensembles drawn from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s – 2010s. The guys in their 70’s and 60’s sang as energetically as the more recent graduates and with tremendous grace, charm, and intonation. If we hadn’t been watching, we never would have guessed their ages. They sang like they were 20 years old.

As the 2000s – 2010s ensemble (a big group, 30+ men) were singing, my wife learned over to me and whispered, “Not one of them is wearing a wedding ring.”

WHAT? I could not have been any more shocked than if she’d asked, “Have we rotated our car tires?”

Moments later, I leaned over and whispered through the post-song applause, “How can you even see that from here?” We were sitting toward the back of Sanders Theater.

“I can,” she replied, “and not one of them is wearing a ring.”

Why was she even looking at that?

I went to hear guys sing, and sing they did, brilliantly, to engaged, supportive, deeply appreciative friends and fans. I loved it – a great musical performance, a very special evening. My wife enjoyed the music, too, and….in addition…. at no extra charge…. she enjoyed and absorbed the live sociology study on stage … decade by decade samples…lots more to notice and consider.

“Well, maybe,” I thought later. “The performance wasn’t just the music, any more than a sales call is “just what our clients say.” There’s lots more to notice and consider.

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