Managing Sales Process

Homework (Issue 422)

In which we learn to pay attention to obvious and less obvious loyalties and connections. June 10, 1993 was a to-live-for June day in Boston; the view from mid-way up the Prudential Center was spectacular. That morning, I called on a senior sales training manager at Gillette in the Prudential Center.  He was tall, lanky, … Read more »

The Walk to the Door (Issue 421)

In which we are reminded to prepare for the “meeting after the meeting.” They’ve had a lovely evening together. Dinner, sparkling conversation, and a play, topped off with cappuccino and a deeply chocolate dessert, shared and savored. They’re returning, now, walking up the path toward her front door, both minds spinning. Read more »

Stay Close (Issue 420)

In which we’re refresher on the importance of swimming in the water with our clients. One of my children’s greatest fears is that their mother will become the school nurse in their next school, peering into lice, ears, noses, and throats of friend and foe alike. Ugh! Read more »

So What? (Issue 419)

“Thanks for the discussion. I’ll send you a follow up note summarizing our conversation and next steps.” Sounds like a reasonable way to end a call, yes? “So what?” Read more »

Presents (Issue 416)

My wife’s grandmother, Gramma Donahue, many times instructed her children and grandchildren, “Never go visiting with one arm as long as the other.” Read more »

Leadership (Issue 413)

In which we discuss a difference between “consultants” and “needs satisfiers.” I was sharing stories with another business owner this week, discussing succession planning. At one point he said, “I hired a guy, thinking he would develop into someone who could eventually lead the firm.” Read more »

Their Story

In which we learn the value of “putting people in their story” when selling. She was crisp, smart, blonde, and she left with a check. A  V E R Y  big check.  After she left, my wife looked at me and said, “I wasn’t planning to buy this morning, were you?” Read more »

Three Minutes

In which we’re reminded to give a BRIEF introduction to ourselves and our companies when starting a conversation. You would never do this. It was probably my fault. Maybe I just set him up the wrong way. Read more »

Five Questions to Ask in January

In which we offer five questions to understand your clients’ big pictures for the year. What better time to expand your conversation with your customers and than in January. Why? They’re finishing their plans for the eleven upcoming months and their New Year’s resolve and resolutions are still top of mind. Read more »

Name That Tune

In which we are encouraged to savor our clients’ answers to each of our questions rather than rushing to judgment. Just before the turn of the year, I participated in a “music circle” – 15 guitar players and singers in a circle, amusing themselves on a cold evening by playing and singing songs ranging from … Read more »