Managing Sales Process

Every Time

In which we’re encouraged to focus on customer interests, even if our companies are product focused. My daughter wants to redecorate her room. Eight years ago, when we moved into the house, my wife chose the paint and trimmings for the room. Now, my daughter wants a change – the paint, the furniture, and the … Read more »

You Know What?

In which we learn a three word question that focuses our sales approaches. My mother, born in 1917 and raised in England, detested certain American turns of phrase, chief among them, “You know what?”   Read more »

Table Stakes

In which we are urged to balance our sales pipelines for best results. Summer camp is over. Parents Weekend. The conclusion of a three-week, 300 camper performing arts camp in the middle of upstate nowhere for my daughter, an exhausting frenzy of plays, improvs, musicals, recitals, and revues.  And, speaking of frenzies, camp meal times Read more »

It’s Good To Have A System

….In which we discuss the importance of systematic follow up. Two months ago, on May 29, I shared a story about Kevin-the-carpet-guy who called my office phone with the following message. “Hi, this is Kevin, and I’m in the carpet and upholstery cleaning and duct and vent cleaning business.” Read more »

Opening Up

In which we discuss questions we can use to broaden narrow relationships. My son and I have seen a movie – a variation on the boy meets girl theme – in which, after a long period of time, the relationship broadens from long time friends to ‘more than friends.’ Deliciously awkward moments Read more »

Just Like Yours

In which we learn NOT to use the expression “just like yours” unless we KNOW that it’s true.” “Yes, Mr. Miller, and I’ve worked with dozens of companies just like yours.” Just like mine. I know that, in an enthusiastically ingratiating way, he intended me to feel a great, swelling surge of confidence in his … Read more »

If I Only Had A Brain

In which we discuss the importance of getting to the point fast, particularly with fatigued clients. My daughter is sitting at the next desk in our basement, hours into pounding away on a school assignment. She turned to me and said, “It’s amazing how much your brain deteriorates when you’re tired.” I thought to myself, … Read more »

Leopard Spots

In which we discuss the importance of understanding how people buy…. really. Will the leopard change its spots? No. Will a transactional buyer (who want low price, low hassle buying) change his or her preferences? Don’t hold your breath. Read more »


In which we discuss the value of understanding”the perfect customer” when prospecting. My daughter is engaged in martial arts training. Last night, as I was (desperately) wanting to crawl into bed, she bubbled, “C’mon, Dad, lemme show you what I learned, no pain, I promise. (Grumble, grumble, “Sure, sweetie,” or words to that effect.) Read more »

Two Footed Driving

In which we learn to consider shorter cycle times when communicating with clients and prospects. How many feet do you use to drive your car? A friend and I enjoy lively discussions of this subject. Read more »