Weekly Sales Thoughts

Transitions (Issue 577)

In which we are reminded to include transitions in our pre-call planning. Read more »

The One We Have With Us (Issue 576)

In which we are reminded (in Roman philosopher Seneca’s point) that “Luck is where the crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet.” Read more »

Varying the Mix (Issue 575)

In which we are reminded to vary the pace, style, and focus of our questions to maintain energy and engagement during sales calls. Read more »

Take What the Defense is Giving (Issue 574)

In which we are reminded to pursue issues in which our prospects / clients are interested rather than the issues in which WE are interested. Read more »

Communities of Attraction (Issue 573)

In which we are reminded that developing communities is critical to attracting new clients. Read more »

Making the Connection (Issue 572, originally published June 2009)

In which we learn to think about connections in companies we call on. Read more »

Reflections on Values and a Life (Issue 571)

In which we are reminded that we influence our clients through both the value of the solutions we offer and our personal values. My mother in law, Irene, would have been 97 years old this last March. She passed just after Christmas, 2011, falling a few months short of reaching one of the most eagerly … Read more »

Socks (Issue 570)

In which we are reminded that one key to cross selling is understanding clients goals’ and destinations. Read more »

Under Pressure (Issue 569)

In which we are reminded that our success in sales depends, to a great extent, on practice and repetition. Read more »

Common Interests (Issue 568)

In which we are reminded that starting conversations with complete strangers can be easy if we can find common interests. Read more »