Same Old. Same Old. (Issue 839)

In which we are reminded to bring new ideas and “change the mix” a bit with our existing, core clients lest they wander off in search of something new.

Summer in New England is short so we try to cram in as much as we can. Outdoor music, for example. There are a lot of concerts here. One of my nearby summer music venues offers “music in the round” – a small venue, great to be close to the performers.

 I went there a week ago to see one of my favorite bands. I’ve seen them in concert sometimes once, sometimes twice, a year during the last few of years. I love their music.  They’ve created a half-dozen albums. They play a wide variety of instrumental and vocal styles. They present choreographed, energetic shows every time. Upbeat. Lots of toe-tapping.

However, after this particular show, I thought, “you know, that was a great show and… the set list, stories,  and choreography were 80% the same as  the other shows they’ve presented in the last year or so. Maybe I’ll skip ‘next time’ they’re in town and go the time after that.”

A little doubt creeping in.

Sure, it’s good to hear the “favorite” songs and signature tunes time and again.  But if they show up with more-or-less the same set list and jokes every time, even steadfast fans begin to wander a bit, thinking about spending money sampling other bands rather than repeat purchasing from the one we still adore.

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