Pulling The Trigger

I first met the woman who is now my wife on the red leather back seat of a white Cadillac Eldorado at Logan Airport in Boston. Blind date. Read more »

One – Two Punch

Many business owners and senior executives have short attention spans. When we receive unsolicited telephone calls from sales people, we listen for about 7 – 10 seconds, decide whether we want to keep listening, and move on. We will listen if we think there’s a message that will help us. Read more »

When It’s All The Same

The walking time measured in dog years from Gate H17  to G14 at O’Hare Airport last Tuesday was relatively short. Maybe two hours. Feeling hungry, traversing my tenth airport in four weeks, carrying 45 pounds of stuff, the time and distance seemed longer. I dawdled and peered at each concourse snack stand, seeking inspiration, reasons … Read more »


On Saturday night, I watched the movie, “This is Spinal Tap,” a 25-year old “mockumentary” about a fictional, dreadful heavy metal band named, as you might guess, Spinal Tap. Read more »

We Haven’t Been Introduced

Summer is coming here in New England and, with it, memories of early adolescent ocean-side cold calling and prospecting efforts. I can still recall clearly a particular drop-by cold call I made on a vivaciously attractive young lady, sitting on her beach towel on the …um… beach. Read more »

The Power of Observation

I think I was in the hall way somewhere between the “Dodos, Trilobites, and Meteroites” and the “Hall of Arthropods: Creatures that Rule” in the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge when I saw it. Read more »

What Did They Mean?

As we were driving along I listened to my children start a scrap. My daughter made a provocative statement that pricked my son’s adolescent sensitivities. He rumbled, in an increasingly threatening tone, “What do you MEAN?” Kati’s tail feathers immediately went up — FWIP! — and the next step was clear. I could see a … Read more »

Drift of Blab

Last night, about late:30, I asked my daughter the movie enthusiast a question about a movie she’d just seen.  Well, she was VERY excited to tell me about it.  The plot was a little complicated and the storyline emotionally upheaving. Read more »


If the right fish ain’t  bitin’ the  bait you’re flickin’, change the bait ‘till the right biters bite. Read more »

Just Whistle

I walked with a friend as she walked her dogs a few nights ago. Her “hounds” are big, affectionate, and full of energy.   She had them off-leash, so they explored and  investigated at a half-urgent leisurely trot at a distance of 20 – 40 yards or so. At one point, my friend whistled a pattern … Read more »