Jack Hubbard

Contrarian Perspectives (Issue 1120)

In which we are reminded that, unless we have something contrarian or different to say, our voices get lost in the noise of the crowd. Read more »

Different Voices (Issue 1119)

In which we are reminded that even clients that look and feel the same have different voices. Read more »

Testimonials (Issue 1118)

In which we are reminded to use our own company’s products, where we can, because our personal testimonials are powerful. Read more »

Practice (Issue 1117)

In which we are encouraged to practice slowly and to record often when learning new sales skills. Read more »

What If…? (Issue 1116)

In which we are reminded to ask clients how things will go if they don’t go according to plan. Read more »

Bottlenecks (Issue 1115)

In which we are reminded that the pace at which we recommend ideas or products should be no faster than clients’ abilities to absorb and implement them. Read more »

Sell the Back Story (Issue 1114)

In which we are reminded that our companies’ origins and values stories can be powerful tools to attract, enroll, and engage new clients. Read more »

Winning the Head Race (ISsue 1113)

In which we are reminded that smaller competitors can beat bigger ones through better execution. Read more »

What’s Important to You? (Issue 1112)

In which, when our clients face  difficult choices, we are reminded to ask the question, “What’s important to you?” Read more »

Start with the Problem (Issue 1111)

In which we are reminded, if we want to attract peoples’ attention, to start with their problem. Read more »

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