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Clues (Issue 1087)

In which we are reminded that we are (probably) more transparent to our clients than we think. Read more »

When The Door Opens… (Issue 1085)

In which we are reminded to always be ready… you just can’t tell when the door will open. Read more »

What Question Would Work? (Issue 1084)

In which we are challenged to think of a respectful yet strong enough question that could prompt new thinking. Read more »

Sargent Under Glass (Issue 1083)

In which we are reminded that we need to  understand client preconceptions about us and our services so they’re not disappointed from the get-go. Read more »

This Session Should Be Recorded (Issue 1082)

In which we are encouraged to record ourselves – our introductions, our pitches, our presentations – to polish them to full shine. Read more »

More Than Plausible Answers (Issue 1081)

In which we are reminded that people depend on us for accurate responses to their questions AND insights or guidance beyond what they can get through a search engine. Read more »

Start Simple. Assume Nothing. (Issue 1080)

In which we are reminded to first check the basics when we are assessing client challenges. Read more »

Many Steps Over Time (Issue 1079)

In which we are reminded that it can take time and many baby steps before a client will take the risk of relying on us for professional advice … and it helps if they like us, first. Read more »

Shifting Gears (Issue 1078)

In which we are reminded to visualize or rehearse what we plan to do when we shift from one environment or one client meeting to another. Read more »

The Story That’s Sitting Across From Them (Issue 1077)

In which we are reminded that, as modern as we may be, personal interest and personal connection still matter to some of our clients. Read more »

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