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Washing Groceries (Issue 947)

In which we are reminded, when clients dig in on an issue, to ask questions rather than persuade. Read more »

One or Two Will Do (Issue 946)

In which we are reminded to limit our responses to client questions to one or two ideas at a time. Read more »

Sales Insights for What May Be The New Normal

April 14, 2020 Clarity President Nick Miller with friends Jack Hubbard (St. Meyer & Hubbard) and Ned Miller ( Third Act Sales Consulting ) created a “Three Amigos” video highlighting strategies for the Covid-19 influenced sales world. Ned Miller focused primarily on the importance of clear focus, a plan, and maintaining routines. Nick Miller focused … Read more »

Imagine (Issue 945)

In which we are reminded that stories, particularly imaginary “hero’s journey” stories, are powerful vehicles for communicating the value of our products and services. Read more »

Wear The Rubber Gloves (Issue 944)

In which we are reminded that, sometimes, clients need something more than short “log on and follow the prompts” instructions to implement (what we think are) simple procedures changes or products we’ve sold them. Read more »

Let’s Get A Puppy (Issue 943)

In which we are reminded that, when our clients go “short-term”, we should ask, “What if…?”. Read more »

What’s Been Happening? (Issue 942)

In which we are reminded that price is often, perhaps even predominantly, not the reason that our prospects defer or decline our offers. Read more »

Missing The Point (Issue 941)

In which we are reminded to look at the outcomes our clients are seeking to achieve (in addition to understanding what they’re asking for). Read more »

Digital Technology Trends in Banking 2020-2025

March 11, 2020 Banking magazines Banking NY (Jan/Feb 2020), Banking Mid-Atlantic States (Issue 1 2020), and Banking New England (3/11/20) have published Clarity President Nick Miller’s article, Digital Technology Trends in Banking 2020-2025. Miller points to three trends that will be prominent in the banking industry: Digital transformation, including digital marketing, payments, analytics, voice recognition, … Read more »

Hacking In (Issue 940)

In which we are reminded that patient research about prospects is a critical element of “getting in”. Read more »

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