small business banking

Heirloom Tomatoes (Issue 905)

In which we are reminded about the importance and power of education in differentiation and client engagement. Read more »

Cheering Section (Issue 904)

In which we are reminded that our  post-purchase encouragement to our clients can make a big difference in their implementation experience and their commitment to future purchases. Read more »

Needless Markdown (Issue 903)

In which we are reminded that we (probably) don’t have to offer price discounts if our clients fully experience our value. Read more »

Products That Don’t Sell (Issue 902)

In which we are reminded that, if clients don’t like, desire, or need one of our products, lower prices likely aren’t  the issue. Read more »

Look Ahead (Issue 901)

In which we are reminded to look ahead, far ahead, in our strategic accounts, to anticipate conflicts and opportunities that may affect our sales progress. Read more »

Potholes (Issue 900)

In which we are reminded to maintain a broad field of vision in our clients even as we focus, from time to time, on single issues. Read more »

Fresh Eyes (Issue 899)

In which we are encouraged to engage someone’s fresh eyes to review our major clients with us, lest we’ve missed something important. Read more »

Personal Touch to Top of Mind (Issue 898)

In which we are reminded that, the more deeply we know our clients’ challenges and celebrations, the more able we are to share resources that they find valuable and that elevate our visibility. Read more »

Introducing the Sauce (Issue 897)

In which we are reminded that a referral from a trusted source is the best way to stand out among the many similar providers who seek our prospects’ attentions. Read more »

Engaging New Friends (Issue 896)

In which we are reminded that people “out there” are reading what we write on line…. Really! Read more »