Pre-Meeting Jitters

Ever felt anxious  as you were  about to begin a sales conference or expo?  I don’t know anybody here? Our booth is too small? It’s not fancy enough?  Our products  aren’t fully  developed?  Message not completely clear?  Company uniforms not as sharp as the other guys’?  I’m not experienced enough? Read more »

Respect (Listening)

School’s out at last in Massachusetts.  On Saturday, I drove my newly graduated son for several hours to his job  in the White Mountains.   On the way there, while he unselfconsciously  dozed next to me in positions that only teenaged bodies can assume,  I listened to Chris Matthews’  book , Life’s A Campaign:  What Politics … Read more »


I’m standing in the low ceilinged, dimly lit, stuffy-aired classroom of a driving school — a company owned by brave souls who make a living teaching 16year olds to drive dangerous objects. My daughter is taking her road test with a State Police officer, her last step before qualifying for her license. I’m waiting, idly … Read more »

Ten Seconds

The phone rang. I was in the middle of a conversation. I hesitated. I picked it up. “Hello,” I said. “Nick Miller.” Read more »

Pulling The Trigger

I first met the woman who is now my wife on the red leather back seat of a white Cadillac Eldorado at Logan Airport in Boston. Blind date. Read more »