Increase, Protect Price with Value-Based Proposals

If you want to increase or protect your price, your teams’ proposals must focus on value, a change in customer operating conditions. Why? Because customers want to know what’s in it for them – how your proposed solution(s) will save them time, make them money, reduce their stress, or make people think more highly of them.

Begin your proposal process with a bank-wide effort to identify, quantify, and document the value you offer.

Here’s how:

  • Link product details to customer challenges – you need to understand how and when your bank’s products solve customer operations challenges and the value the products create when implemented.
  • Gather customer success stories – you must be able to describe challenges that similar companies face and demonstrate how your bank has helped them generate good outcomes.
  • Build a database to store the information you’ve collected – you can tap into these resources to see the value you’ve created for others and how fast they generated the value.

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