Better Questions, Listening

Extremely Natural (Issue 644)

In which we learn more about overcoming fear of strangers and drawing people out in conversation. Read more »

Unless We Measure (Issue 641)

In which we are reminded that precision in assessing client situations often leads to better, more predictable results. Read more »

Why Do You Ask (Issue 632)

In which we are reminded that very few questions come from idle curiosity. Read more »

Perspective (Issue 615)

In which we are reminded to speak in our clients’ tongues, not our own. Read more »

Selling from Purpose (Issue 614)

In which we are encouraged to define our purposes clearly, therefrom to guide our sales work. Read more »

Your Story in My Words (Issue 613)

In which we are reminded to help our clients see their stories in our descriptions about our businesses. Read more »

Question with Those Fries? (Issue 610)

In which we are reminded…once again… to ask questions EVEN WHEN WE’RE SURE  we have a good idea. Read more »

Clients Who Know (Issue 608)

In which we are reminded: We run a risk when we assume that clients correctly understand their problems. Read more »

Something to Talk About (Issue 606)

In which we are encouraged to find and share news or statistics with our clients and prospects that will prompt conversation about the little mysteries that are critical to their businesses. Read more »

Taken for a Fool (Issue 605)

In which we are reminded to be a little skeptical about what we hear from our prospects and customers. Read more »