Better Questions, Listening

Transcendental Ghosts (Issue 556)

In which we learn from an America philosopher a question of discovery Read more »

Conversation Bridges (Issue 555)

In which we explore questions to get beyond small talk. Read more »

Where Do You Feel the Pain (Issue 554)

In which we recommend questions that ask specifically about performance rather than asking “where does it hurt?”  Read more »

Don’t Ask That (Issue 553)

In which we are reminded not to ask the question, “What keeps you up at night?” Read more »

This Time, With Feeling (Issue 551)

In which we are reminded to reflect on the emotional side of business as well as the facts. Read more »

A Bet They Can Tolerate (Issue 550)

In which we are reminded to consider the disruption that accompanies change when clients buy our products or services. Read more »

What Might Be Different (Issue 549)

In which we are prompted to move with the flow, to the future, when a prospect puts us off. Read more »

I’d Like to Think About It (Issue 546)

In which we are reminded to take some time…before we make a recommendation. Read more »

Just Enough Rope (Issue 544)

In which we are reminded to position and sell only what our clients are able to absorb and implement. Read more »

Staple Yourself to the Process(Issue 542)

In which we are reminded to be curious – ask for the details rather than being satisfied with high level answers.  Read more »