Better Questions, Listening

Sounds in Darkness (Issue 580)

In which we are reminded that listening, really listening,  involves more than words. Read more »

I Didn’t Know You Did That (Issue 578)

In which we are reminded that we need to share stories with our clients and ask questions focused on topics outside of their current dealings with us in order to have a first chance at their new issues that arise. Read more »

Transitions (Issue 577)

In which we are reminded to include transitions in our pre-call planning. Read more »

Varying the Mix (Issue 575)

In which we are reminded to vary the pace, style, and focus of our questions to maintain energy and engagement during sales calls. Read more »

Socks (Issue 570)

In which we are reminded that one key to cross selling is understanding clients goals’ and destinations. Read more »

The Story Behind the Story (Issue 565)

In which we are reminded that our sales occur in a context and woe be unto us if we jump forward to“take the order” or “make the sale” without understanding that contextual influence. Read more »

Hold That Thought (Issue 563)

In which we are reminded that, during client presentations, we should answer client questions briefly before asking them to “hold your thought until we get to that slide.” Read more »

What If (Issue 562)

In which we are reminded to poke our clients’ and prospects’ assumptions, the better to recommend solutions and to increase the value of our discussions with them. Read more »

Two Months Free (Issue 560)

In which we are reminded that cutting price (at least without being asked) is not a strong strategy for dissolving clients’ purchasing roadblocks. Read more »

Transcendental Ghosts (Issue 556)

In which we learn from an America philosopher a question of discovery Read more »