Managing Sales Process

Save Room For Dessert (Annual Thanksgiving Issue)

In which we are reminded, again, to maintain capacity for the accounts and clients that are most important. (NOTE: This is the annual Thanksgiving Issue, one of the author’s favorites, unchanged from its first publication in 2002.) Read more »

Standing Out in the Crowd (Issue 495)

In which we discuss strategies to draw attention and attract  prospects and referrals. During a training session for branch managers and small business bankers, I shifted the focus from typical networking and prospecting to “attraction marketing” – attracting prospects to you rather than you stalking and chasing them. Read more »

Winning the Head Race (Issue 494)

In which we are reminded that smaller competitors can beat bigger ones through better execution. Angelo Fausto Coppi, the dominant international cyclist in the late 1940s and early 1950s, once described his strategy as, “Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.” Read more »

Under Control (Issue 492)

In which we are reminded to stay focused as we pursue our sales goals. Eight a.m. Saturday broke a crisp, golden sunny, glorious October morning as the contestants in the Head of the Charles Regatta began their events. Read more »

Reasons to Meet (Issue 490)

In which we are reminded that we can generate reasons for prospects to pay attention to us when we approach. We’ve just received notice that a local “light opera” company is planning to perform the musical, The Music Man, in a few weeks time. Read more »

Mother, Please! (Issue 489)

In which we are reminded to ask a few questions to determine whether our clients are really open to outside solutions. Frank is one of our neighbors… smart, funny, knowledgeable… and I do my best to avoid conversation opportunities with him. Read more »

More Than A Gut Feel (Issue 486)

In which we are reminded that to sell our value, rather than defend our cost, we must be able to quantify the value we’re selling. Read more »

Something to Talk About (Issue 485)

In which we consider a practical strategy  to connect with our prospects if we’ve not walked in their shoes. Read more »

The Value of a Nice Ride (Issue 482)

In which we are reminded that our greatest value and differentiation comes from “how” we do what we do rather than from the products we sell. Read more »

Turning Over New Leaves (Issue 481)

In which we discuss strategies to reduce rejection (and feeling down about it) in prospecting. Read more »