Managing Sales Process

Can’t Get There from Here (Issue 516)

In which we are reminded that a certain amount of flexibility in sales conversations is helpful, even if it ain’t what we expected. Read more »

Side Mirrors (Issue 513)

In which we encourage development of multiple information points in our account relationships. Read more »

Stop the Bleeding (Issue 510)

In which we are reminded to maintain a broad view and help our clients solve the problems that are immediate and urgent, whether or not we make a sale in that moment. Read more »

Hidalgo (Issue 509)

In which we are reminded: Like great movie writers and directors, our clients and prospects sometimes spin stories that are not completely connected to the truths they purport to represent. We can be entertained, and we should verify before contracting. Read more »

Chasing the Train (Issue 508)

In which we are reminded that, if a competitor displaces us from a piece of business, we need to think ahead, be  ready to solve the next problem well enough that we win the next opportunity. Read more »

Tasty Diversions (Issue 502)

In which we are cautioned to look closely before we invest serious time in juicy-looking prospects and customers. Read more »

The Territory Battle Plan (Issue 501)

In which we are reminded that, much as in Holiday shopping,  our efficiency and effectiveness in our territories can be vastly increased through the development and implementation of a plan. Read more »

Five Questions to Ask in January (Issue 500)

In which we are reminded that January is a good time to step back for a more strategic look at our clients and prospects and, perhaps, to help them articulate their plans more clearly so we can help them more powerfully. Read more »

Leave a Trace (Issue 499)

In which we are reminded to leave a trace or a trail for our prospects so they can find us when they want to talk to us. Read more »