Positioning Value

Positioning the Benefits

It was a brilliant, blue-sky-with-yellow-leaves September Saturday afternoon. With other parents, I was standing on a soccer field sideline, watching the town’s high school soccer team scrimmage another team. The talk was loose and easy – how was your summer, do you think the Red Sox will beat the Yankees, what classes is your son … Read more »

Developing Expertise

About six weeks ago, we wrote: Whether you’re selling office equipment, mulch, or payment solutions, you are selling your expertise, not your products. Read more »

Happy and Interested

….In which we provide an effective alternative to cold calling prospects for appointments. Which would you rather do? Make 500 cold calls seeking appointments with people you’ve never met and who don’t want to talk to you? Or create a personal marketing program which brings them to you? Read more »

What Do *You* Know?

When I applied in Minneapolis for what would become my first job as a consultant, the lean, crew-cut, brusquely dressed, ruddy-cheeked partner in charge of consulting in that office looked me, then looked at my resume, and said, scornfully,  “So, you’ve been in banking three years. What the h___ do you know?” Read more »

It’s Good To Have A System

….In which we discuss the importance of systematic follow up. Two months ago, on May 29, I shared a story about Kevin-the-carpet-guy who called my office phone with the following message. “Hi, this is Kevin, and I’m in the carpet and upholstery cleaning and duct and vent cleaning business.” Read more »

Earthquake Impact

In which we offer three ways to present your value proposition to clients and prospects. A couple of weeks ago, sleeping peacefully on day five of my vacation, I was jarred awake by an earthquake. BAM! The building in which I was sleeping rocked hard for a second. Read more »

The Job Interview

….In which we discuss preparing to “get hired” by your prospects. Your first few (one, two, ten) sales calls on a prospect are a job interview. You’re wanting to be “hired” by your prospect. How do you view and prepare for these calls? Read more »

Leopard Spots

In which we discuss the importance of understanding how people buy…. really. Will the leopard change its spots? No. Will a transactional buyer (who want low price, low hassle buying) change his or her preferences? Don’t hold your breath. Read more »

A Matter of Trust

In which we’re reminded: It isn’t so much about ‘what you say.’  It’s about ‘who you’re being.’ In clinics and sales training sessions, I am often asked, “What can we say to our clients so they’ll trust us?” the askers thinking that I might give them verbal pixie dust – quick turns of phrase or … Read more »