Positioning Value

What’s a Little? (Issue 949)

In which we are reminded… there’s just certain stuff we need to know without winging it.   Read more »

Imagine (Issue 945)

In which we are reminded that stories, particularly imaginary “hero’s journey” stories, are powerful vehicles for communicating the value of our products and services. Read more »

Assessing Buyer Risk Appetites (Issue 939)

In which we are encouraged to explore the bigger picture of what our clients seek to maximize or minimize in purchasing our services. Read more »

Curating Content (Issue 936)

In which we are reminded to curate and share with our clients good content wherever we find it! Read more »

Differentiating Consistency (Issue 935)

In which we are reminded about consistency in the elements that differentiate us from other sales people and suppliers. Read more »

Future Vision Benefits (Issue 934)

In which we are reminded to make some benefits personal when we’re positioning our product or service benefits. Read more »

Two Doctors (Issue 933)

In which we are encouraged to lead our clients to new insights rather than reacting to their requests or complaints. Read more »

Something to be Said for Experience (Issue 931)

Product Pushing? (Issue 930)

In which we are reminded that pushing product or restricting client choices aren’t, by definition, bad practices. Read more »

How Would I Know? (Issue 922)

In which we are reminded it’s useful to know how our clients usually handle situations AND their buying criteria before making a recommendation. Read more »

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