Positioning Value

News from Afar (Issue 612)

In which we are reminded that selling also includes sharing our perspective to help our clients advance. Read more »

Not Good Enough for Us (Issue 600)

In which we are reminded to learn and use our companies’ positioning language flawlessly. Read more »

The Value We Bring to the Table (Issue 590)

In which we are reminded not to fall for the bait of taking an order just because the customer asked for it. Read more »

Make It Specific (Issue 588)

In which we are encouraged to describe ourselves in terms of the specifics of what we do rather than the titles others give us. Read more »

The Reason to Buy (Issue 585)

In which we are reminded that focus on the core benefits of our product or service help us close sales where others couldn’t. Read more »

A Little More Zip (Issue 581)

In which we are reminded to bring something new and tantalizing on our sales calls to engage our clients. Read more »

Reflections on Values and a Life (Issue 571)

In which we are reminded that we influence our clients through both the value of the solutions we offer and our personal values. My mother in law, Irene, would have been 97 years old this last March. She passed just after Christmas, 2011, falling a few months short of reaching one of the most eagerly … Read more »

The Subway Strategy (Issue 567)

In which we are reminded that the best way to attract prospects is to demonstrate our capabilities to them. Read more »

(Sometimes) It Isn’t Only About the Money (Issue 529)

In which we are reminded that our clients make decisions to change based on a broader set of factors than cost savings and that, sometimes, cost savings isn’t even first on the list. Read more »

Sell the Strengths (Issue 527)

In which we are reminded to sell the strengths we have rather than those we wish for. Read more »