Conversation Bridges (Issue 555)

In which we explore questions to get beyond small talk. Read more »

What Might Be Different (Issue 549)

In which we are prompted to move with the flow, to the future, when a prospect puts us off. Read more »

A Little Excitement (Issue 531)

In which we are reminded that we need to market (attract attention) before we can sell. Read more »

No Bonehead Mistakes (Issue 523)

In which we are reminded that even small mistakes can fatally undermine our credibility and effectiveness with prospects Read more »

Bear Marketing (Issue 522)

In which we are reminded that the heart and art of sales is understanding and working our prospects’ desires and feelings. Read more »

A Short Message (Issue 521)

in which we are reminded that, when leaving messages with prospects’ assistants or team members, short and clear are the way. Read more »

Pathways Overlooked (Issue 518)

In which we are reminded that bringing cookies(or some attention)  to the receptionist may not be a waste of time after all. Read more »

Four Brushes (Issue 512)

In which we are reminded to vary the content of our prospecting approaches while we maintain our routine frequencies. Read more »

Frost Bite (Issue 505)

In which we consider how long to pursue cold prospects. Read more »

Leave a Trace (Issue 499)

In which we are reminded to leave a trace or a trail for our prospects so they can find us when they want to talk to us. Read more »