Softening Up Sales (Issue 559)

In which we learn from brilliant event planners how to prepare and engage prospects and customers. Read more »

Scary Specifics (Issue 558)

In which we are reminded to provide credible, specific consequences and benefits to action when we’re playing the “fear and uncertainty” card to book an appointment with a prospect. Read more »

Conversation Bridges (Issue 555)

In which we explore questions to get beyond small talk. Read more »

What Might Be Different (Issue 549)

In which we are prompted to move with the flow, to the future, when a prospect puts us off. Read more »

A Little Excitement (Issue 531)

In which we are reminded that we need to market (attract attention) before we can sell. Read more »

No Bonehead Mistakes (Issue 523)

In which we are reminded that even small mistakes can fatally undermine our credibility and effectiveness with prospects Read more »

Bear Marketing (Issue 522)

In which we are reminded that the heart and art of sales is understanding and working our prospects’ desires and feelings. Read more »

A Short Message (Issue 521)

in which we are reminded that, when leaving messages with prospects’ assistants or team members, short and clear are the way. Read more »

Pathways Overlooked (Issue 518)

In which we are reminded that bringing cookies(or some attention)  to the receptionist may not be a waste of time after all. Read more »

Four Brushes (Issue 512)

In which we are reminded to vary the content of our prospecting approaches while we maintain our routine frequencies. Read more »