A Little Intelligence (ISsue 598)

In which we are reminded that a little research can save us a LOT of prospecting time. Read more »

Land of 1000 Delights (Issue 594)

In which we are reminded to set clear parameters and priorities in our territory plans. Read more »

Communities of Attraction (Issue 573)

In which we are reminded that developing communities is critical to attracting new clients. Read more »

Common Interests (Issue 568)

In which we are reminded that starting conversations with complete strangers can be easy if we can find common interests. Read more »

The Subway Strategy (Issue 567)

In which we are reminded that the best way to attract prospects is to demonstrate our capabilities to them. Read more »

It Ain’t Me Babe (Issue 564)

In which we are reminded that, when we’re asking people for referrals and introductions, it’s best to say specifically who or what we’re looking for. Read more »

Softening Up Sales (Issue 559)

In which we learn from brilliant event planners how to prepare and engage prospects and customers. Read more »

Scary Specifics (Issue 558)

In which we are reminded to provide credible, specific consequences and benefits to action when we’re playing the “fear and uncertainty” card to book an appointment with a prospect. Read more »

Conversation Bridges (Issue 555)

In which we explore questions to get beyond small talk. Read more »

What Might Be Different (Issue 549)

In which we are prompted to move with the flow, to the future, when a prospect puts us off. Read more »