A Little Excitement (Issue 531)

In which we are reminded that we need to market (attract attention) before we can sell. Read more »

No Bonehead Mistakes (Issue 523)

In which we are reminded that even small mistakes can fatally undermine our credibility and effectiveness with prospects Read more »

Bear Marketing (Issue 522)

In which we are reminded that the heart and art of sales is understanding and working our prospects’ desires and feelings. Read more »

A Short Message (Issue 521)

in which we are reminded that, when leaving messages with prospects’ assistants or team members, short and clear are the way. Read more »

Pathways Overlooked (Issue 518)

In which we are reminded that bringing cookies(or some attention)  to the receptionist may not be a waste of time after all. Read more »

Four Brushes (Issue 512)

In which we are reminded to vary the content of our prospecting approaches while we maintain our routine frequencies. Read more »

Frost Bite (Issue 505)

In which we consider how long to pursue cold prospects. Read more »

Leave a Trace (Issue 499)

In which we are reminded to leave a trace or a trail for our prospects so they can find us when they want to talk to us. Read more »

Standing Out in the Crowd (Issue 495)

In which we discuss strategies to draw attention and attract  prospects and referrals. During a training session for branch managers and small business bankers, I shifted the focus from typical networking and prospecting to “attraction marketing” – attracting prospects to you rather than you stalking and chasing them. Read more »

Connections That Can Be Trusted (Issue 493)

In which we discuss the power of referrals rather than magic words to secure appointments with prospects. In our neck of the woods, Harry Potter movies appear on various cable channels almost as frequently as “storm chaser” programs featuring lunatics who chase or who are chased by tornadoes. Read more »