Knives for Neighbors (Issue 456)

In which we are reminded about the power of referrals and associations to accelerate contact with prospects. “They’re great knives,” my newly trained son intoned. “Here, let me show you.” And with that, he was off and cutting, working us through his demonstration. “…And if you need them sharpened, you send them back to the … Read more »

What’s That You Say? (Issue 455)

In which we offer five strategies that respond when a prospect says “I don’t need what you’re selling now.” A lotta cats get stumped when prospects say, “no, not interested now.” Read more »

Move to the Future (Issue 451)

In which we learn to compete in the “future” rather than battling it out in the present. I received a call this week from yet another company cooing that they want Clarity’s business. This one was phone services. “We’re from blah blah company, and we can help you reduce your phone charges up to 20%, … Read more »

Bringing Our Prospects to Us (Issue 447)

In which we explore “expertise marketing” – speak, write, or be written about – as a pipeline development strategy. Sunday morning, I did a little research on Roth IRAs, answering a pointed spousal inquiry. Using a well known search engine, I found a December 6, 2009 Detroit Free Press column, “Savers May Benefit from Converting … Read more »

Lead With Ideas (Issue 436)

In which we are encouraged to lead with ideas rather than wait for our clients to discover they need us. “So, as we went around the circle, sharing what was going on, I found out that the other guys in this ‘outplacement group’ didn’t have any meetings lined up. Nothing! I couldn’t believe it. If … Read more »

Can You Introduce Me (Issue 428)

In which we’re encouraged to ask for referrals based on the problems we solve rather than our products. “Can you introduce me to some people?” Read more »

Perfect Beaches (Issue 426, A Summer Rerun)

In which we are encouraged to define target prospects more carefully for referral sources. Our rainy summer in New England this year reminds me of the year I took my children to Cape Cod for a week. Yes, it rained that week, too, and when the sun appeared in strength, we decided to head to … Read more »

More Directly to the Point

In which we are urged to get right to the point in written correspondence. A letter received this week. From an investment company.  Playing the “fear” card boldly. Read more »

It’s All About Them

In which we are reminded, when prospecting, on whom to focus. My daughter the high school junior receives ten to twelve letters a week from colleges seeking her attention and our money. The colleges are the sellers. My daughter is their prospect.  Read more »

Figuring It Out … Up Front

In which we discuss the preparation needed before calling a prospect. I’m holding a document whose title screams “Get Rich Quick in Real Estate… NOW!” A more careful reading yields a more subdued, “no-money down strategies for today’s down market” and provides a critical lesson for us when we’re prospecting. Read more »