On Giants’ Shoulders (Issue 734)

In which we are reminded: Take a moment thank people who have sponsored us and coached us to become who we are. Read more »

It’s About What You’d Expect (Issue 727)

In which we are reminded that bold is better. Read more »



Close Shave (Issue 656)

In which we are reminded to take our time, patiently prepare and warm our relationships and prospects, before we jump in to anything resembling sales. Read more »


In which we make the case for more practicing with objections. When I was 9, 10, and 11 years old, I played Little League baseball. I was on the Bisons. Black hats and black socks with itchy white pants and shirts. I played first base and center field. Hours and hours of practice chasing down … Read more »

Win on Conditioning

Massachusetts high school state soccer tournament. Round of 16. My son’s soccer team, defending state champs, was down 3-1 at the half, having scored only in the last few minutes of the first half. Read more »

Based on the Evidence

From the “I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried” department, a voice mail received earlier this month: Read more »

Yield Is A Year 'Round Activity

In which we consider that managing the yield from our sales activities is an “every month” focus. My son is preparing college applications. With anywhere from three to ten or more students applying for each seat in an entering class, the college application process is my son’s first major sales job. Read more »

You Wouldn't Want To Do That

In which we are reminded to ask a question and clarify before expressing a point of view. We have the possibility of bunking and entertaining some ‘snooty’ out of town guests. They asked us to reserve space in a snooty hotel. Oh, joy. Read more »